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You could be a cosmetic implant clinic looking to book more high-ticket private clients, an orthodontist or a full-service practice; whatever your business, Social Media Marketing and digital advertising can be a huge benefit to you in growing your returning patient list. 

Implementing a coherent strategy does not only raise local awareness of your dental practice, but can lead to a consistent pipeline of interested customers and ultimately more paying, returning patients.  

If you want to implement a system that finds, educates, converts users into returning patients for your dental practice, we can help you.

Discover our AutoLoop system and book your free demo. 

Here are several strategies that we use right this second with our current dental and healthcare clients, to generate them a tonne of new patient appointments each week.

Step #1 Time to make content

Ever heard the phrase “content is king?”

Content and the brand images you share to your audience is at the core of any marketing strategy.

Mess it up and no matter what your offer or audience targeting, it’ll just burn though your budget.

Videos are the king of content. They are digestible pieces of information that people can consume through their smartphones, wherever they are.

They can provide information about your service, showcase customers visiting you, and help users visualise themselves if they bought your service.

Videos can drive valuable actions.

We like to create content that doesn’t feel like an ad.

We don’t want people to think that we are trying to heavily sell them something. We make content that provides perceived value, humour and education to your potential customers.

(Basically, we are not trying to sell them a anything. We are positioning you differently).

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Step #2 How to target your most valuable (but unknown) customers

Who are your most valuable customers?

It’s an important question but at the same time difficult to answer, as there are so many potential audience profiles.

One person might want cosmetic dental surgery.

Another might be interested in finding a new practice local to them to carry out routine check-ups.

So how can we find the person most likely to be interested in engaging with your service and even to become a patient of yours?  

Thankfully, all potential dental patients have similar traits which we can use within initial (interest based) targeting:

·      They often have been carrying out research on your competitors or on a type of dental procedure

·      They often share an age group with your current customers

·      They often share job titles or economic demographics

·      They tend to research on desktop and mobile devices as well – make sure your landing pages are optimized for use on either platform

Depending on your demographic, we can layer targeting interests.

Age and income range targeting are dependent on the type of dental service you’re selling.

A more expensive service tends to attract an older, more affluent audience.

Whereas a local full-service clinic may want to increase its family patient base. In this case we can target mothers with children up to the age of 18, who live within 15 miles/kms of your location.

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Facebook offers a number of intuitive options when it comes to targeting, but interest based targeting (as shown above) is not the most valuable type of audience.

Here comes the LookAlikeAudience (or LLA) – arguably the best time of audience targeting around.

Without getting too technical, if you do not have a Pixel installed on your website, we cannot utilize an LLA just yet.

We will have to use interest-based targeting initially, then switch over to an LLA later on, when we have enough data.

You need a certain number of tracked valuable user actions for an LLA to be created:

–      100 View Content actions for a VC LLA (pretty valuable)

–      100 Fill Form (booking) actions for an FF LLA (more valuable)

An FF LLA is an LLA that is optimized for people who would be most likely to book your dental service.

It has the most potential value for you in terms of revenue.

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Step #3 Creating An Ad that compels users to click

We typically see a carousel ad being the best type of ad to use for conversions (for a purchase of your service), and video to be the best for raising awareness about your brand and driving customer engagement.

Carousel ads are fantastic as they have the ability to convey multiple points of information, such as positive customer reviews, and other benefits of your dental practice.  

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Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote your dental practice, regardless of the service you provide. Using some of the things mentioned in this article, when accompanied with well-research and implemented campaign structures, you can raise awareness of your brand and drive valuable customer actions.

Ready to get more patient appointments each month? Book your free demo today.