Getting a consistent flow of new and qualified house buyer leads for your real estate business can seem like an uphill battle…

Online advertising platforms can seem like a maze and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Over spending hundreds of thousands in advertising budget, we have refined our core strategy to get more leads for your real estate brokerage into 8 simple steps.

We are going to keep this article pretty short and sweet – if you want more information, get in touch with us for a free consultation.

1. Use Facebook Ads With Videos

And do not boost posts!

Do not boost posts…. EVER. It does nothing for your real estate brokerage except get some cheap likes.

Website Conversion campaigns are your best bet for more booked real estate buyer leads.

Videos perform best as a cold campaign, whereas single images work best for retargeting web traffic.

2. Talk About Buyer Leads Experiences

Create content with house buyers’ experiences (sort of like testimonials) focusing on the benefits they received from buying a home with you

Think about:

  • Why home buyers would come to you instead of a competing broker
  • What makes your real estate service / offer unique
  • What a buyer can expect during the process
  • The before/after feelings people will experience / problems you solve when they buy or sell their home with you

3. Create a Funnel *AND DON’T SELL STRAIGHT AWAY!*

A funnel system basically is how a real estate buyer lead moves through your sales process.

99% of real estate agents do not have one. Instead, they send traffic directly to a home page. This converts MUCH less (>5%) and means you are not capturing the data of people who may be interested in buying in the future.

At the top of the lead generation funnel, we target people who are interacting with your real estate brokerage for the first time (such as through through an Ad) and invite them to download something that they NEED, a High-Value-Content-Offer (HVCO), in exchange for their email and contact information.

This could be a free mortgage guide or an info pack about what to look for in your first home.

It should be designed to address their biggest desires/fears and make them feel compelled to download in exchange for their contact information.

Once they have downloaded the HVCO, we use email marketing & retargeting ads to again address any needs/wants and concerns and to qualify the buyer lead further.

Each ‘touch-point’ via retargeting will have a strong call to action to take action & book something with you, such as a virtual tour of a property.

This process increases your conversion rates often up to 50%.

And makes sure that all users know you are the best real estate brokerage in town.

4. Segment Buyer Leads And Different Types Of Users

Offer both rental and buying property services?

Creating bespoke and segmented landing pages for your service that addresses the needs, wants and concerns of these different users, will skyrocket real estate lead numbers.

It is also really important to segment messaging in your ads and promotional content, in order to specifically speak to these unique user-buckets.

5. Use All Google Products For Real Estate!

Google Ads, Google My Business, Maps!

Google dominates the real estate game as people search on it when they have a problem to solve.

Make sure you have a Google Business account so you can display your location, website link etc.

This will make it as easy as possible for people to contact you.

Smooth user experience = more buyer leads!

6. Build A Real Estate Buyer List.

In helping to grow brands for nearly 3 years, we have realised one simple fact…over 70% of people leave your site and don’t come back.

So it’s our job to make sure that on their first visit, they give you some level of contact info.

How do you get them back in once they have visited once?

Simple: re-marketing (check out step 7) and email is one of the BEST ways to do this.

7. Remarket To Real Estate Leads & Your Bokerage Web Traffic 

Remember how we talked about a funnel in step 3? This is why!

Remarketing is a great, cheap and effective way of getting people back to your website.

If they have had a good experience, it is MUCH easier for them to make the decision to take valuable action.

We get fantastic results remarketing with Facebook ads, email marketing, SMS marketing and messenger bots.

Here you can speak about new offers, new events, open days, or anything we think will

8. Get Serious About Real Estate Videos Content

Ok, this is really important and basically nothing will work unless you dedicate time to creating awesome content (videos and images) that educates users and addresses their needs, wants and concerns.

We have an in-house team who create fantastic creative assets for our clients.

If you are going to take them yourself that’s cool too, but learn how to use lighting and angles to make your content really shine!

At Nouveaux Media, we help real estate agents and brokerages find, qualify and convert web traffic into ready-to-buy buyer leads! 

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