The Challenge

700+ Club is a test prep center that specializes in helping students excel in a variety of Standard Assessment Tests, such as GMAT, SAT, GRE, and IELTS. Their mission is to support students who aspire to attend top universities for their undergraduate or Masters-MBA degrees in the EU or USA.

Our Goals

Our goal was to develop a high-performance lead generation system that consistently generates sales-ready leads for their high-value test prep courses.

We revamped the website for 700+ Club, creating high-converting landing pages and improving user experience. The redesigned website showcased their test prep courses and made it easy for visitors to access valuable resources, resulting in optimized lead generation.

By utilizing Facebook Ads and Google PPC strategies, we attracted potential students from diverse backgrounds. Captivating ad creatives and lead magnets like webinars and free sessions were employed on Facebook, while targeted Google Search ads reached students actively seeking test prep resources. This cohesive approach maximized reach and generated high-quality leads for 700+ Club’s courses.


Sales Qualified Leads

Per month – for their high-ticket courses and tutoring packages, giving fantastic ROAS.


Monthly clicks

From our performance ads, driving brand awareness and building a large pool of remarketing audiences.


Cost Per Sales Lead

A very low cost for highly targeted prospects given their estimated customer value, giving their sales team quality conversations and a high conversion rate.

“NM have transformed our lead generation activities for our Test Prep service – generating really great quality student leads for our sales team, and helping us smash through past revenue ceilings with out-of-the-box thinking, unique marketing strategies, website/UX re-design and conversion rate consulting!”

Franziska Imsel

Marketing, Branding & Communications Director, 700+Club

700+ club

The Process

Our main starting point is almost always aligning the brand’s assets with our core principles of marketing – namely: Why would customers buy your product or service? How does it improve their lives or make them feel? What reassurances can we give to customers (eg payment gateways that they trust, past customer reviews, shipping times etc)? And is there an “offer” that is compelling enough to get customers to take action today?

  • Creating high-converting landing pages

  • Website redesign for improved UX

  • Top Of Funnel lead magnet campaigns on Meta/Facebook, such as webinar ads or free-session offers

  • Google Search ads targeting in-market users, in multiple languages and targeting multiple EU countries

One of the biggest keys to our success was creating what we call a “no brainer” offer and understanding the ultimate desires are of our prospects.

An offer is not necessarily a discount but it should be an easy way for first time prospects to be introduced to your brand. It should also clearly communicate what you’re product is and how it benefits the customer. For 700+Club, this was creating “A Free Evaluation” – a one to one meeting with one of their test prep experts – where students could learn about the exams, how to take them, what the steps were and if they were suitable. It was extremely effective as prospects saw this as having a very high perceived value.

In addition, we created many different offers that worked around their prospects ultimate desires, and used wording to spark those emotions – people don’t buy test prep to get a good score, they buy it to unlock a successful career. We created multiple top of funnel webinar campaigns with top university admissions officers, that 700+ prospects saw as being extremely valuable.

Increase brand awareness

We profile and target relevant audiences who are likely to become firs time customers


Increase your sales

Our unique strategies and multi-channel approach to ecommerce are proven to help D2C brands scale their sales and increase long-term revenue

Sales Chart


Our lead generation marketing system consistently generated sales-ready leads for 700+ Club’s high-value test prep courses. Through our efforts, they were able to attract a steady stream of motivated students, helping them achieve their academic goals and secure their best scores.

700+ Club is consistently attracting motivated students and achieving exceptional results in their test prep courses.

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