Patient-ready leads per month

Our acquisition flow now brings over 200 read-to-go patient consultation requests per month for various general and non-general anaesthetic procedures.


Marketing leads per month

Our marketing fills Dr Cormac’s marketing/newsletter pipeline every month with interested contacts who we can remarket to in the future.

13 €

Average Cost-Per-Consultation Lead

Our average cost per consultation request is extremely low. This has been an ongoing process for the past 3 years and is a core reason for the success of our campaigns.

The Challenge

Dr Cormac Joyce (MB BCh, MBA, FRCS Plast) is one of Ireland’s top Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, and he is the only full time cosmetic surgeon in Ireland who is on the specialist register for plastic surgery.

He created an innovative Facelift Procedure, trademarked Re:Form Facelift, but he did not have an effective marketing system in place to bring it to market.

Our Goals

Our goal was to create an automated patient lead acquisition system for Dr Cormac’s Re:Form Facelift procedure, and his other general and non-general treatments.

After careful review of the Irish market, competitor marketing practices, campaigns and acquisition flows, we designed a system that would build Dr Cormac’s brand on social media, invite website visitors to sign u to hear more about the Re:Form Facelif (becoming Marketing Leads), and then turn those Marketing Leads into “bums on seats” (consultations) – Dr Cormac’s words!

“Working with Freddie and the team has been a breath of fresh air…not only have they managed to generate a vast amount of leads, and a lot of those leads have converted into facelifts. They are full of good ideas and they haven’t gone above budget.”

Dr Cormac Joyce profile
Dr Cormac Joyce

MB BCh, MBA, FRCS (Plast)

dr cormac joyce

The Process

Our main starting point is almost always aligning the brand’s assets with our core principles of marketing – namely: Why would customers buy your product or service? How does it improve their lives? What reassurances can we give to customers (eg. past customer reviews, accolades, downtimes etc)? And is there an “offer” that is compelling enough to get customers to take action today?

  • Redesigning website UX for increased conversion rates

  • Identifying key audience “buckets” for enhanced targeting

  • Creating ad copy that speaks to that target audience

  • Ad creative that addresses the customer needs, wants and concerns

  • Designing a “no brainier” offer that is compelling for new leads

  • Setting up CRM platforms, email remarketing and more

  • Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Video Ads

  • Google Search PPC Ads

Increase brand awareness

We profile and target relevant audiences who are likely to become firs time customers


Increase your sales

Our unique strategies and multi-channel approach to marketing helps D2C companies scale their sales and increase long-term revenue

Sales Chart


Our unique approach to ecommerce marketing was a core factor behind the success of Dr Cormac’s Re:Form facelift and his other procedures. We built a strong brand presence using Facebook & Instagram ads, and designed an automated patient acquisition system through Google PPC.

Dr Cormac Joyce is now expanding his clinic and treatment offerings.

Let’s make things happen!

Gabriela Darblade

COO & Project Manager

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