The Challenge

El Perro Y La Galleta is a chain of six restaurants in Madrid that offers a unique culinary experience, inspired by the origins of a cookie that marked a whole generation. Their gastronomic offer combines the latest international cuisine trends with their own creations, all with a touch of their signature cookie.

Our Goals

Our goal was to position El Perro Y La Galleta as the top restaurant brand in Madrid, increasing brand awareness, walk-ins and direct online bookings.

In our Facebook Ads strategy, we focused on crafting compelling copy that enticed potential customers to click and book. By targeting specific audiences in Madrid, our aim was to maximize brand awareness and drive walk-ins to their unique culinary experience in their 6 restaurants.

We developed Google PPC campaigns, targeting in-market customers with relevant keywords. We set up Google My Business and optimized it to appear in powerful Google Maps and Search Ads, making it easier for customers to find and book El Perro Y La Galleta.


Direct Booking Reservations

– Per Month. Our Google and Meta ads bring thousands in reservations per month, not including walk-ins.


Conversion Rate

We redesigned the group’s website to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

2.52 €

Cost per Booking

We are driving restaurant visits at a very low cost, giving the group fantastic margins and long-term scalability.

“We have been working with NM for close to two years for our restaurant group and they have done a fantastic job at generating direct online reservations. I highly recommend them as a marketing team in the restaurant industry.”

Carlos El Perro y la Galleta
Carlos Moreno

CEO, El Perro y La Galleta

The Process

Our main starting point is almost always aligning the brand’s assets with our core principles of marketing – namely: Why would customers buy your product or service? How does it improve their lives or make them feel? What reassurances can we give to customers (eg payment gateways that they trust, past customer reviews, shipping times etc)? And is there an “offer” that is compelling enough to get customers to take action today?

  • Creating a high-converting and “on-brand” website

  • Google My Business setup and optimization for powerful Google Map & Search ads

  • Top Of Funnel branding campaigns on Meta/Facebook

  • Google Search ads targeting in-market users, in multiple languages to direct direct reservations

  • Email marketing for repeat customers

Carlos Moreno El Perro y la Galleta Madrid

Grow your traffic

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Increase your sales

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Sales Chart


Our work in the past 3 years has brought thousands in online bookings, phone reservations and walk-ins and has been a major factor in the continued success growth of this unique brand.

El Perro y la Galleta is soon opening a new bakery location and is looking to expand to new locations in Spain.

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