The Challenge

Hazel Morgan is an award winning portrait artist who creates stunning portraits for high-net-worth individuals in the USA and globally.

Hazel had some referred clients but did not have an effective marketing system in place to ensure consistent customer acquisition, sales and long-term growth.

Our Goals

Our goal was to create an automated customer acquisition that found relevant high-net-worth individuals and converted them into paying clients.

After careful review of their current marketing practices, campaigns and acquisition flow, we designed a system that would find high-net-worth individuals and presented them with an offer.

7 figures

in estimated revenue

We brought hundreds of target clients to Hazel Morgan’s website, resulting in hundreds of sales calls


Website conversion rate

We made changes to their website and user flow that saw a huge improvement in CVR (a “good” ecommerce CVR is considered to be 2%)

Increase brand awareness

We profile and target relevant audiences who are likely to become firs time customers


Increase your sales

Our unique strategies and multi-channel approach to lead generation are proven to help D2C and B2B brands scale their sales pipelines and increase long-term revenue.

Sales Chart


Our unique approach to lead generation marketing was a core factor behind the success of Hazel Morgan, increasing sales month on month and building a strong international presence.

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