The Challenge

Pure Heavenly Chocolate are a start-up F&B brand who make innovative low sugar, dairy free, soy free, gluten free chocolate bars for their D2C customers. Back in 2019, Pure Heavenly were roughly doing £500k in annual turnover primarily to having a successful Dragons’ Den appearance (and the brand-awareness that followed the episode) – but they did not have an effective marketing system in place to ensure consistent customer acquisition, sales and long-term growth.

Our Goals

Our goal was to create an automated customer acquisition that increases short time sales but that also ensures long term growth.

After careful review of their current marketing practices, campaigns and acquisition flow, we designed a system that would generate short term, new customer sales and then upsell or remarket to customers to increase life time value though an on-demand chocolate subscription service (the Heavenly VIP Club).

In addition, the vast majority of Pure Heavenly’s sales were coming through their website – we needed to capture more customer interests on marketplaces like Amazon – where a lot of customers in this price point will be making spontaneous purchase decisions.


12 month growth

We brought thousands of first time new customers to Pure Heavenly, and upsold thousands to the subscription package


Website conversion rate

We made changes to their website and user flow that saw a huge improvement in CVR (a “good” ecommerce CVR is considered to be 2%)



For a £20 average order value, 4x ROAS is very high and meant that the brand was profitable even on 1st time purchases

“Working with Freddie and the team has been the best move…not only have they managed to scale up and give us a really good return on investment (and do that within a matter of weeks)…but more importantly I really enjoy working with them!”

Pure Heavenly
Stephen Conway

Founder, Pure Heavenly LTD

The Process

Our main starting point is almost always aligning the brand’s assets with our core principles of marketing – namely: Why would customers buy your product? How does it improve their lives? What reassurances can we give to customers (eg payment gateways that they trust, past customer reviews, shipping times etc)? And is there an “offer” that is compelling enough to get customers to take action today?

  • Redesigning website UX for increased conversion rates

  • Identifying key audience “buckets” for enhanced targeting

  • Creating ad copy that speaks to that target audience

  • Ad creative that addresses the customer needs, wants and concerns

  • Designing a “no brainier” offer that is compelling for 1st time customers

  • Setting up platforms like Amazon and Google Shopping

One of the biggest keys to our success was creating what we call a “no brainer” offer.

An offer is not necessarily a discount but it should be an easy way for first time buyers to be introduced to your brand. It should also clearly communicate what you’re product is and how it benefits the customer.

For Pure Heavenly, this was creating “The Taster Box” – a selection of their best selling flavours in a postal/gift box – and marketing this to first time customers as the Top of Funnel offer. It was extremely effective as customers could try a selection, “find their favourite flavours” – with a very high perceived value. This taster box translated into roughly 70% of all sales.

Increase brand awareness

We profile and target relevant audiences who are likely to become firs time customers


Increase your sales

Our unique strategies and multi-channel approach to ecommerce are proven to help D2C brands scale their sales and increase long-term revenue

Sales Chart


Our unique approach to ecommerce marketing was a core factor behind the success of Pure Heavenly, increasing sales month on month and building a strong brand presence.

Pure Heavenly is now the UK’s leading Chocolate Bar alternative brand.

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