€ 0.51

Average CPC

Our experience with dozens of clients and thousands of € invested in Google Ads allows to get the best performance.



Our marketing filled their sales pipeline every month with interested contacts.

€ 22.6K

Invested on Ad Campaigns

Budget management is essential to achieve the best results with the highest possible profitability.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to reach the maximum number of potential clients for this business in the property industry and to sell the properties they had available.

Thanks to a good digital advertising strategy on different platforms and the coordination between departments for the follow-up and nurturing of leads, all the properties they had for sale were sold.

Our Goals

Our primary goal was to maximize the outreach to potential clients within the competitive property industry while successfully selling the available properties.

After careful review of Alicante’s market, competitor marketing practices, campaigns and acquisition flows, we designed a system that would build a strong brand on social media, invite website visitors to sign up to learn more about the properties (becoming Marketing Leads), and then turn those Marketing Leads into visits and sales.

“NM’s lead generation strategies helped us find international buyer leads, connect with real estate agencies, and sell many units at one of our new luxury property developments. They are friendly, approachable and highly recommended to work with.”

Isabel Soriano

Head Of Marketing, Quadratia

The Process

Our main starting point is almost always aligning the brand’s assets with our core principles of marketing – namely: Why would customers buy your product or service? How does it improve their lives? What reassurances can we give to customers (eg. past customer reviews, accolades, downtimes etc)? And is there an “offer” that is compelling enough to get customers to take action today?

  • Redesigning website UX for increased conversion rates

  • Identifying key audience “buckets” for enhanced targeting

  • Creating ad copy that speaks to that target audience

  • Ad creative that addresses the customer needs, wants and concerns

  • Designing a “no brainier” offer that is compelling for new leads

  • Setting up CRM platforms, email remarketing and more

  • Meta (Facebook & Instagram) Video Ads

  • Google Search PPC Ads

Increase brand awareness

We profile and target relevant audiences who are likely to become relevant buyer leads


Increase your sales

Our unique strategies and multi-channel approach to marketing properties delivers a competitive cost per marketing lead and qualifies those leads to be sales-ready.

Sales Chart


Our tailored approach to marketing in the property industry played a crucial role in achieving exceptional results. By leveraging strategic advertising on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google PPC, we established a strong brand presence and implemented an automated system for acquiring potential clients.

Our success resulted in the sale of all properties and has empowered the company to consolidate their business.

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