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Start seeing the results your clinic deserves – reduce patient lead costs, increase profitability and consistency.

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Let us take the reigns of your clinic’s growth, so you can focus on delivering 5 star patient experiences.

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Build Your Clinic’s Awareness

Get in front of people looking exactly for what your clinic provides & stay top of mind.

Fill Your Patient Pipeline

Our strategies find, engage and qualify leads to make them consultation-ready.

Increase Revenue

Reduce marketing costs, increase your return on ad spend and boost your patient life-time value.

Trusted by leading clinics in the UK, Ireland & Spain

Empower Your Medical Clinic

Every felt like an agency was “gate-keeping” you in the past or felt like you didn’t know what work was being carried out? It happens, a lot. We pride ourselves on being clear and completely transparent with our partners. You will get regular updates and 24/7 access to all accounts and reporting software – so you can check on what is being done, whenever you need to.

Online marketing is always changing – and it is our job to keep your clinic ahead of the curve. When any new relevant update is brought out, such as new Google Ads products, we will let you know ASAP and implement a strategy to take advantage of this new system for your clinic.

Ever had a lead book a call-back, but not have them pick up the phone or show up to a consultation? It doesn’t feel good! Not only do we ensure that the lead is qualified before they get on the phone with your sales team, but we also can provide consulting services to your sales team to ensure they have all the tools they need to close more (and a free CRM for making it much easier to manage all the leads we bring you)!

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88K leads and bookings generated in 2022

Let’s find out how we can help you

CRM Access & Reporting

We provide all our partners with regular reports on the work carried out, data that you can check 24/7 and a free CRM account to manage your patient pipeline more efficiently.


Personalised approach

Not every clinic is the same. Whether you provide general or non-general treatments, or have 1 or 10 surgeons, our strategies will be tailored to your unique needs and schedule.

Sales Chart

Performance Paid Ads

Reach your objectives and track your growth through high-performance paid digital ads on Google, Meta, Bing and other platforms where your target customers are.

CRM (Lead Management Platform)

We provide each of our clients a fully bespoke CRM platform for lead-management and automations – helping your sales team to be more efficient.

Funnel & Customer Acquisition

Reach your objectives and track your growth through high-performance paid digital ads on Google, Meta, and other platforms where your target customers are.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We optimize your website so that your in-market customers find you earlier in Google, being at the top positions in the search results.

Web Development

We help you with the design and development of your website, improving UX, conversion rates, and monitoring all the data it generates.

Campaign Creatives

We create captivating images and videos that engage your target audiences and compels them to click.


Leads & bookings in 2022

We genuinely help our partners with relevant and qualified leads every single year.


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Accredited by the Acelera Pyme program and recognised as a key digitizer



We speak several languages and work in multiple vertices worldwide

Dr Cormac Joyce profile

“Working with Freddie and the team has been a breath of fresh air…not only have they managed to generate a vast amount of leads, and a lot of those leads have converted into facelifts. They are full of good ideas and they haven’t gone above budget.”


Dr Cormac Joyce

MB BCh, MBA, FRCS (Plast)

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“The team at Avada Marketing Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

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