April 1, 2022

700+ Club

We created an lead generation marketing system to onboard new “test prep” students for a variety of Standard Assessment Tests, like GMAT, SAT, GRE and IELTS.
Our campaigns are in multiple languages, English – German – Italian, and target potential students who wish to go to a top university for their undergraduate or Masters-MBA degrees in the EU or USA.

Focus on filling sales team pipeline by generating Sales Qualified Leads by –

  • Creating high-converting landing pages
  • Website redesign for improved UX
  • Top Of Funnel lead magnet campaigns on Meta/Facebook, such as webinar ads or free-session offers
  • Google Search ads targeting in-market users, in multiple languages and targeting multiple EU countries

Develop an high-performance lead generation that would consistently generate sales-ready leads for high-value test prep courses

  • Strategy

    Fill top of funnel pipeline from disruptive social media ads, and capture in-market users through competitive Google Search Ads

  • Design

    Facebook Ad Creatives, Email marketing, Website design, Google Search Ads

  • Client

    700+ Club

  • Lead generation Platforms

    Meta/Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Wordpress

  • Tags

    facebook ads, google ads, lead generation

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