June 1, 2020

Dr Cormac Joyce

We’ve created a bespoke private patient marketing for Ireland’s leading Plastic Surgeon, Dr Cormac Joyce.

We created a marketing system to build awareness of his treatment offerings, whist simultaneously driving thousands of Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads and patient consultations each month. Our campaigns are in English and target people living in Ireland.

Our focus was on creating engaging social media ads to drive brand awareness, acquiring marketing leads, and using Google PPC for direct enquiries from in-market customers –

  • Creating a high-converting and “on-brand” landing pages & website
  • Top Of Funnel branding campaigns on Meta/Facebook/Instagram
  • Google Search ads targeting in-market users
  • Email marketing for qualification and increasing life time value

Create a lead-generation system that found and qualified patient leads before being entered into CRM.

  • Strategy

    Facebook Ads, Google Ads

  • Design

    Website, Landing Pages, Creatives, Emails

  • Client

    Cormac Joyce Plastic Surgery

  • Results

    +200 pre-qualified private patient leads per month

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