How To Get More Patient Leads For Your Aesthetic Clinic 

Attracting new patients to your aesthetics clinic requires a strategic and targeted approach. As an expert in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery marketing, I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of intent-based, inbound marketing methods like Google Ads.

However, successful campaigns involve more than just placing ads; they require a nuanced understanding of your ideal customer (the patient), landing page optimization, communication of value to patients, and building trust.

In this article, I’ll delve into the intricacies of attracting more patient leads to your aesthetic clinic using our proven strategies.

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  1. Understanding Intent-Based Marketing
  2. Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversion
  3. Communicating Value to Patients
  4.  Selling the results, not the Treatment
  5. Building Trust with Patients

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Understanding Intent-Based Marketing

Intent-based marketing, particularly through platforms like Google Ads, allows you to target individuals actively seeking aesthetic treatments. By leveraging relevant keywords and refined targeting parameters based on age, location, affinity and income, you can ensure your ads are shown to those most likely to convert into patients. However, sadly Google Ads is not just a “set and forget” solution and successful campaigns require ongoing optimization and monitoring to maximize return on investment (ROI).

a screenshot of a google ads search result

Optimizing Landing Aesthetic Clinic Landing Pages 

Once potential patients click on your ads, the journey doesn’t end there. Landing pages play a crucial role in converting clicks into leads. Optimizing landing pages involves crafting compelling headlines, clear calls-to-action, and concise forms. Additionally, ensuring a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices is essential for maximizing conversions.

The landing pages should provide relevant information about:

  1. What patients can expect from the treatment
  2. How they will benefit (or feel) from the treatment
  3. Build trust with the user through placement of testimonials, accolades or awards

In our experience, conversion rates are often much higher when the landing page is structured around the “WHY” – reasons that are important to the patient in their desire to undertake a surgical procedure. Landing pages should “sell the dream” as opposed to just telling a potential patient about the procedure itself. 

Every clinic and treatment is different and how a landing page should be structured does greatly vary – however the core fundamentals remain the same.

At NM, we often create multiple versions of the same landing page, which allow us to test different placements of text, layouts or calls to actions.

It is how we got this Mayfair-London based aesthetic clinic increase their online bookings by over 90% in just 30 days:

Communicating Value To Patients

In a competitive market, it’s vital to effectively communicate the value your clinic offers. Highlighting unique selling propositions (USPs) such as cutting-edge treatments, experienced staff, or personalized care can differentiate your clinic from the competition. Utilize persuasive language and visuals to convey the benefits of choosing your clinic for aesthetic procedures.

We also recommend focusing upon how the patients life would improve with the treatment. For example:

  1. “Regain your confidence” – this plays on a core reason why people want to undergo aesthetic treatments – they dislike some aspect of themselves and therefore lack confidence. Often patients refrain from doing certain activities, such as wear a bikini, if they feel self conscious about a body part.
  2. “Enjoy your skin again” – again, playing on the fact that some people wear clothing to hide certain imperfections they have.
  3. “Natural look” – often patients are concerned their treatment will make them look un-natural and that their friends and family will notice. If your clinic provides treatment that enhances them naturally, then it is a good thing to call out!

Aesthetic treatments are often about more than just physical transformation; they’re about fulfilling patients’ desires and aspirations. Tailoring your messaging to resonate with patients’ aesthetic goals can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. Showcase before-and-after photos, testimonials, and success stories to inspire potential patients and illustrate the possibilities.

Selling the results, not the treatment

Aesthetic treatments are often about more than just physical transformation; they’re about fulfilling patients’ desires and aspirations. Tailoring your messaging to resonate with patients’ aesthetic goals can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Here is what you can add on your pages to do that:

  1. Showcase before-and-after photos
  2. Customer testimonials (especially video if you can convince a patient to agree)
  3. Success stories to inspire potential patients and further illustrate the possibilities

Video can play a critical role here – but we know it can be hard to get patients to agree to going public with their treatment.

We usually recruit local social media influencers to undergo a free treatment in this case, in return for a “free” high-quality patient testimonial.

Building Trust With Patients 

Trust is a cornerstone of any successful patient-provider relationship. Building trust involves transparency, credibility, and excellent patient experiences. Encourage reviews and testimonials from satisfied patients, showcase credentials and affiliations, and provide educational content to establish authority and reassure potential patients of your expertise and reliability.

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In conclusion, attracting more patient leads to your aesthetics clinic requires a multifaceted approach that goes beyond traditional marketing methods. By harnessing the power of intent-based marketing, optimizing landing pages, effectively communicating value, selling the dream aesthetic, and building trust with patients, you can create a robust marketing strategy that drives results. Partnering with a specialized agency like Nouveaux Media can further elevate your efforts and propel your clinic to success.